Cough it up

by agoodnow

I just coughed up half of a lung.  At least.  I’m not even close to feeling ok. 

I was up until 3 am coughing.  I could not sleep because I was having violent coughing fits. No way to live.  Tonight I’m taking the PM medicine.  That’s for sure.

I feel bad sitting here coughing.  I’m definitely “that guy”.  Unfortunately I have a couple of pressing issue to attend to or else I would not be here. 


1. I’m tired

2. I did not make it to yoga this morning

3. I could use some of the cough syrup with codeine.  Thanks

4.  Thinking about a trip to the doctor

5. I could use some extra flex spending money this year.

6. I need a new Brooks Brothers sweater.

7. I could use a new phone.

8. My apartment, after nearly two years, looks like someplace that an adult might live.  I hung a picture on the wall.

9. I really hope they are serving vegetable lasagna at the diner downstairs today.

10. My body aches from coughing.  I feel like a did a full body workout.

11. Have not shaved in 8 days.

12. I need to start paying attention to what people are giving out for free on the streets of New York.  Today I turned down a perfectly good BIC pen because I automatically refuse to accept things from people on the streets.  

Andrew- 0       Other people who decided to take the new, premium BIC pens – 1