It's All Goodnow……

All you gotta do is say earmuffs!!!!!

I have a friend who I would classify as a few things –

1. An all around good guy

2. A sick maniac (anyone who wants to fight in a cage qualifies in this category)

3. A family man (wife, two kids, a few dogs, probably a cat or two)

4. An imposing phyical presence (his nicname was Deebo in college.  For those of you who do not know Deebo is a large black man in the movie Friday)

5. Raised in Queens

6. One step away from complete and utter chaos.

All of these characteristics combine for a great blog.  Give it a read.  I catch up daily for a dose of laughter and reality.

Take a look.  If you enjoy my banter you’ll definately like his.

Daylight Savings

It is that time of year my friends.  Day light savings.  Get ready for 17 hours a darkness per night and all that comes with it.

1. It is gonna be cold.  I cannot wait to be walking to the subway in sub arctic temperatures when the wind begins whipping down 68th St.   It is one of the worst ways to begin a day.

2. Depression begins to set in due to the lack of sunlight.   By February I’m typically on suicide watch.

3. Running outside becomes a real pain in the ass.

4. The gym fills up.  (though that is more of a New Year’s thing)

5. The bars fill up.

6. The holidays are fast approaching.  Thanksgiving is only 17 days away.  How did that happen?

7. The grotesque amount Christmas advertising has begun.  Cannot wait to spend money on “stuff” for people.  That said, I usually buy people alcohol for Christmas.  That way I know they will use and appreciate it.

8. Holiday parties will be approaching soon enough.  I can’t wait to get fat.

9. Looking forward to a very snowy year.  It is going to snow a lot in the city this winter.  I think it will be epic, end of the world type of snow.

10. No more wearing cargo shorts.

11. Tourists.  More than usual during the holidays.  Tourists everywhere.  Tourists.

There you have it.  It is going to be a long, dark, cold winter.  Bundle up kids. 

Wake me on March 15th………………..