Think good thoughts for Alivia

If you get a moment give a quick prayer, thought, shout out, or fist bump into the air for my little sister.  She is having her second surgery in two weeks tomorrow morning.  (Poor kid can’t eat or drink anything after midnight.  Not easy for a three and half-year old)

Anyways, as my Mom put it to her, “Your tummy is broken and they have to fix it.”  So tomorrow she goes in for her “tummy fix”.  Hopefully all goes as planned and she will be up and running around like her maniac little self in no time.  (If you can’t tell I use the word maniac with love and affection)

I’m sure she will be ok.  She is a tough little kid and she is at Yale New Haven (from what I hear it is a pretty good hospital) 

So you know where my thoughts will be tomorrow.  Hope you join me for a quick minute.