Notes from Today

A few notes:

1. My little sister is recovering well from her surgery.  She is home now and should be back to princess dresses and terrorizing my mother’s four small dogs in no time.   Thanks to everyone who called and text to wish her well.

2. Ever have a really bad feeling?  I have one of those right now.  Like a REALLY bad feeling.  It is going to involve my job.   I actually cleaned out my desk two days ago. 

3. It got cold.

4. I was in bed before 11 pm last night.  When I got home from writing class I was completely spent.

5. Back to budgeting.  I need to take a class or something.  Three rounds of doctors bills all came in at the same time.  Doctors are very expensive.

6. Buying lots of lottery tickets this weekend.

7. I could not sleep last night.  I tossed and turned.  I was miserable.

8. I need a new Brooks Brothers pullover wool sweater.  Mine shrank.

9. Read The New Yorker’s review on Sarah Palin’s Alaska (Her new show on TLC).   One of the funnier things I’ve read.

10. Try writing your memoir in only 6 words.  It was an activity we did in writing class right now.  It is kind of fun.