Hi Everybody!!!!!

by agoodnow

I woke up today and said, “Things are going to be different today.”

I’m going to start writing this blog again. 

I’m going to rejoin Facebook (on a very limited basis)

I have been having a rough time recently.   Not feeling good about life.  It happens, we all get down about things, but I need to snap out of this.  Writing here always made me happy, so I’m going to do it.  Sounds simple to me.

For those of you who have not been up on my life in the past couple of months here are some highlights.

1. 150 pages into the novel.  (I think that makes me a writer…..maybe?  I think?)

2. I ran the Philadelphia Marathon. (The whole thing)

3. I ran the Emerald Nuts Midnight run in Central Park on NYE.  A cool experience that kept me away from the typical get stupid drunk and spend far too much money at a bar New Year’s. 

4. Went to Maine for Christmas.

5. Decided to run another marathon in March.

6. Decided that a trip to Australia is in order.  Started looking at tickets.  I’m thinking about going for 3 weeks or so.

7. Grew a beard.  It is awesome. (More on that later)

8. Started eating meat again.  Not all the time.  But in moderation.  Moderation is my new key.  Abstinence does not work for me in any capacity.

Some comments:

Hi, New England Patriots.  Thanks for not playing football last Sunday.  That was fucking great. 

Hi, Chinese food place across the street.  Thanks for not cooking your chicken and giving me food poisoning.  I ended up on my bathroom floor like Tony Soprano in the episode where he gets food poisoning and whacks Pussy (or is it Pussey?)   It was the first time I have thrown in up over two years.  It was the worst ever.  Add to that I had to take a sick day.  So, yeah…..I will not be going there ever again.  You know what, I may not be eating any Chinese for some time to come.

Hi Facebook – you seem to be getting bigger and bigger, but I think if used sparingly and with caution you might be a good thing. 

Hi people of New York – Ok, I know we got a lot of snow the day after Christmas.  I understand that a lot of roads were not plowed.  I get this, it was inconvenient.  However, to blame the mayor is not the answer.  What, you want him behind the wheel of a plow with his trucker hat on?   It was Christmas weekend.  People were away.  People were drunk.  It was a Sunday.  It was just bad timing.   Blame the guys who decided not to plow because they were mad about shift assignments in the sanitation department.

I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond today.  I purchased the following items:

Q-Tips (because I already don’t hear well, I may as well remove the wax from my ears)

Wet Wipes (don’t knock em till you tried em.  All I’m saying)

A new toothbrush

Lanacaine (Running = Chaffing)

A new scrub brush for my bathroom (My bathroom was gross so I bought a brush dedicated to its cleaning.  The brush is not to leave the tub ever)

Tub and Tile cleaner (I’m not going to describe the pink and black blotches covering my tub, nor the mildew everywhere)

Laundry Detergent ( I found a Laundromat around the corner and have started doing my own laundry.  This will net a cost savings of over $400 a year.  I’m doing a little dance at my desk right.  Can you say Cabbage Patch?  I think you can.)

And…………you ready?  You sure?  Ok, here it is……………….

A beard grooming system.  Now this isn’t just any beard trimming it is the whole thing.   It can trim ANYTHING.  It even came with a nose and ear hair trimmer!!!!!! (Hey, I’m getting older and hair is creeping up in places it once did not)   So I got it out of the box and trimmed my beard immediately.  Very happy with the results.  Now, why stop there?  I’m not going to detail the level of trimming that took place, but I’ll say I look something like I did when I was eleven.  I might still have some hair on my legs, but that’s about it.  I just got so excited. I couldn’t help myself.

Oh, one last thing I bought: Dran-O.  You know, for all the hair that went down the drain.

Glad to write here again.

I hope this finds everyone well.