It is never too late

by agoodnow

If you ever walked into a gym and used a piece of equipment it was most likely because of Jack LaLanne.  The man was an American pioneer and someone who inspired and changed lives.  Sure, he was somewhat fanatical about his body and working out (up till his death at the age of 96), but he wanted people to live long and healthy lives.  He wanted people to be better. I have attached an obituary from ESPN here.  I think it is worth a read.  I think his best quote is “It is never too late.”  

I really like that sentiment.

Another note:

I was at the gym watching ESPN while on the bike.  There was a documentary on Tim Tebow.  I’m not a big fan of his religous beliefs.   I was not a huge fan of his in general, but after watching this documentary on how much he does to help other people…..I might go buy his jersey.  What an outstanding person.  He may do all of this under the guise of religion, but whatever it is he genuinely cares about others.  

Also, what he did to get ready for the NFL draft was nothing short of maniacal.  Pure crazy.  Like pushing against a moving vehicle.   Dude is nuts, but I think you have to be to play in the NFL.  At least a little bit.