My thoughts on animals

by agoodnow

Some good:

In my writing class, my classmates critiqued a short story I have been working on.  Some great insights.  It was very helpful.  I knew there was something “missing” and I know where it is now.  Money well spent on that class.

I drank three cups of coffee today.  Two of the three of them were delicious.  I’ll take that.

It didn’t snow in NYC today. 

I took a cab home with my writing teacher who is an insightful woman.  It was helpful to ask her questions about writing and more of the publishing side of writing.  She and I also happen to have the same birthday.  (We are both getting old we decided)

I ran 6.25 miles at a sub 8 minute pace before I went to my writing class.  Oh yes, that felt good.

The stark realization that dark humor is my strong suit has overcome me.  I’m going to stick with what works.  A woman in my writing class compared my style to David Sedaris.    Yeah, please God let more people think that. 

I ate two very good soft tacos for dinner.

I slept well last night.  It was amazing.  I woke up and thought “You know, waking up without a hangover and fully rested is awesome.  I could get used to this.  Now if only I were heading to the beach…..”

Speaking of hangovers….have not had one in a while.  MODERATION.  I am going to keep writing about that.  It keeps me accountable.

The bad:

I forgot to put Lanacaine on before I ran.  Fuck.  That hurts.  I will go into no more detail.  You are welcome.

My short story is not that good. I’m thinking about going in another direction.  The style is good, but it isn’t “there”.

I got a call from a credit card company today.  There are some charges that I’m not aware of and they informed me that a number of late fees have been added.  Arg. Arg. Arg. Fucking arg.  That is the LAST think I need right now.

It is supposed to sleet and hail tomorrow morning.    Frankly, I’d prefer two feet of snow to that crap.

My phone decided not to work today because my phones have the propensity to suck.

The ugly:

Nothing ugly to report today.

The sad:

My uncles dog died.  He was such a good dog.  Animals are funny how they grow on you.  They become part of your family.  In a sense I think dogs are what we want everyone else in our life to be.  Happy to see you and always there when you need them.  

(Except for that stupid dog Oslo that we used to have when I was in middle school and high school.  That dog sucked.  He was an honest to god prick of an animal.  He hated me.  I hated him.   I will never own a Norwegian Elkhound ever again.   What a bad animal.  Come to think of it, we owned a Doberman when I was younger too.  That dog attacked me on two occasions.  How in the hell my parents kept that dog is so far beyond me in retrospect.  No, really.  I was 12 years old and the dog pinned me in a corner and pounced on me.  Another time it scratched me under my eye.  Another inch higher and I’d have a patch covering a hold in my head.  I’m lucky to be alive.  You know, come to think of it…..maybe I should stick to cats.)

Ok, maybe I like other people’s dogs more than I have my own.

Quote of the day:

I once went on a date with a girl who said, ” I like science, you know…animals and stuff.” 

That date lasted about until she told me that she gave her parents (she was 24) my phone number in case I abducted her.  

What I said, “Oh, that’s interesting”

What I wanted to say, “Your parents have way too high of an opinion of you if they think someone would endure you for any longer than they had to.   How about I finish this beer and get you a cab?”