Back at it

by agoodnow

Ok kids, I’m back and not going away. 

News and notes:

1. Great idea, another war.  My kids who are not born will be paying for us lobbing missiles at into Libya.  And for what?  Here is an excercise I would encourage people to go through.  Take a look at a globe and look how close the Sudan is to Libya.  In terms of human rights you can say what you will about going to Libya, but while we are there the Sudan isn’t exactly fuckin DisneyWorld.

2. Did you see the moon this weekend?  That was awesome.

3. So how about that March Madness huh?  Whew….my bracket is garbage.  I have UConn winning.  So yeah, I’m fucked.

4. I need a maid for my apartment.

5. I need money for a maid for my apartment.

6. The “Most Interesting Man in the World” has a spray on tan.  He just became a bit less interesting.

7. Charlie Sheen. Hey buddy, just don’t ask to be put to the top of the liver donor list and I’m cool with whatever it is that you do.  Just don’t hurt anybody.

8. I have been running outside.  Love me some Central Park in the spring.

9. I started eating meat again.  I am happier.  Meat is good. 

10. I am pretty much exclusively drinking Guinness these days.  Because it is a health drink.  Might as well be wheat grass from my vantage point.

11. New idea.  Golf simulators, ping pong tables, maybe some shuffleboard, and a bar.  Oh, and wings too.