My Apartment Needs Renovation

by agoodnow

Things I wish my apartment contained:

1. Another room – Anything, just so that my bed was in a separate place than the rest of my living quarters

2. A washer/dryer.  Even in the building.  I am so sick of either bringing my laundry 3 blocks to do it myself (thus sacrificing 2 hours of my day)  or paying $30 to have it done for me (though they do match my socks and that is useful as I NEVER match my socks)

3. A hamper.  I’m 29.  I need to stop leaving my clothes on piles on the floor.  It is getting old.

4. A wine rack.  I think it would class up the place a bit.

5. A new rug.  Or a steam cleaner.  Come to think of it.  A steam cleaner would be more useful.  Ok, no new rug. Steam cleaner.

6. A larger bathroom.  Perhaps with a jacuzzi.  You know, for the ladies…..Come on, what woman – if already at my place – wouldn’t want to get into the hot tub (assuming it is cleaned on a regular basis)

7. A wall mounted TV.  Be easier to position it between facing my couch and the bed. 

8. A maid.  Just once a week. Just for 8 hours.  Just to keep this place the clean bachelor pad it should be.

9. A money tree.  20’s mostly. 

10. A couple more pictures. 

a)one of the NYC subway system in 1965

b)a good picture of me and parents

c)new picture of my sister and I

d)The Mona Lisa

11. A bigger closet.  Mine looks like it threw up.

I was a little under the weather today so I stayed home.  Hopefully with a good night’s sleep I’ll be good to go tomorrow.  I’m happy I stayed home instead of “going to that place I can’t write about” as not to get anyone else sick. 

I am going to the USA vs. Argentina soccer game this weekend.  I’m going to dress in a giant American flag and get really nationalistic.  It will be a sight to behold.