This Weather Makes Me Sick

by agoodnow

Some Notes:

-Last Friday it was 72 degrees.  This Friday it was 30.   Maybe that’s why I got sick this week.

-My apartment smells good. 

-I do love college basketball.  However, I’m a bit old and did not even stay up to watch the end of the late games last night.   I have UConn winning in my bracket. 

-On my way home today I listened to two young girls (high school age) talk about God.  And I quote, “You know I believe in God, but I don’t worship or respect that (insert “N” word here).  You know, what’s he done for me?”

I hope that young lady likes warm places and pitch forks.

-I was supposed to be running a marathon tomorrow.  Glad I’m not.  It is in DC, it is cold there, my ex is running it….just a whole batch of things I don’t want to deal with.

-I love Cadbury Eggs…no, it is bad.  I eat several a day. 

-I did not know it would be so difficult to get someone to go to the soccer game with me.   I had to beg people. 

-I need a haircut.  I’m getting shaggy……or grey hairs are really starting to show.

-I’m never shaving my beard.  Ever, for any reason.  No matter what.

-Dear Baseball Season:  Hurry the fuck up.  Thanks.

-I have been researching high risk medical procedures for my book.  Kinda boring.

-My Dad is coming to visit next weekend.  Always fun.

-I might eat wings tonight.  Not sure why.  Just haven’t had them in almost a year and they look tasty.

Good night’s sleep this evening and I’ll be ready to run 14 miles tomorrow (I hope)