Short Note

by agoodnow


I will never get an MFA. 

There was a guy at the gym who was working out in a shirt with blood stains on a “wife beater”.  Frankly, he looked like a complete D-Bag.  He got done doing a set and kicked the machine he was working on.  Let me repeat this.  HE KICKED THE MACHINE.  As if to say…..”Hey, weight lifting apparatus, I just dominated you.”  Well….no……he just looked dumb.  It is one thing to throw down free weights.  It is another to kick a machine.  (I would have paid to see him break his foot)

My last writing class was last night.  We went out for drinks… is my opinion that such things should have occurred much sooner.

Does anyone think Facebook will end up being a fad?  I doubt it, but it could happen.

Dear Summer: Fuck you.  Get here.

Dear Groundhog Phil: Fuck you. Liar.

My Dad is coming to visit this weekend. Places we will be going – nice scotch bar.  Places we will not be going – Stumble Inn. (I’m not sure he is allowed back there.)

I would like to thank the good earth for making coffee. 

What am I going to do with my beard come summer? 

My fantasy baseball draft is tonight.  (Hi, I’m Andrew and I’m a fucking dork)

Guess what I found this morning?  My scarf.  Yes, that thing that would have been useful in November. 

Dear Reader:  Go do something today that makes someone else happy.