Baseball and Other Wonderous Events

by agoodnow

Some notes:

1. I’ve been in an extraordinarily good mood in recent days.

2. My Dad came to visit me this weekend.  I also could just write, “I consumed far too much scotch this weekend”  They are pretty much synonyms (I will be spell checking that last word)

3. I had dinner with both of my parents on Friday night.   We laughed a lot.  It was nice.

4. If you live in NYC and you like burgers, I highly recommend Rare.   Good stuff.

5. Let’s go UConn!!!!!  I win my bracket if they pull out a win tomorrow night. 

6. Baseball season is upon us.  Just saying, the Red Sox need to get their fucking act together with the pitching.  Fuck. 

7. Through two games my fantasy baseball team is terrible.  If things keep going this way the General Manger is going to lose his job. Oh, wait……

8. Don’t lose your debit card.  Bad things happen when you do.

9.  I went to the Gramercy Park Hotel for the first time on Thursday night.  It was rather fun though there is a short story here:

So we got to the bar and the young lady I was there with wanted to go into the back lounge.   Our waitress was not very helpful in accommodating this.  No big deal, but then when the same curt and otherwise snobby waitress asked us to close our tab so she could leave early my friend pretty much told the waitress to go fuck herself. 

It wasn’t the highlight of my night, but it certainly wasn’t the low point either.

10.  Lots of travel coming up now that it is spring in the Midwest.

11. Dear Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner and the people at AMC.  Figure this out and do it soon.  You have the best show ever made in your grasp. 

Here is my issue with this.  Pay the guy his money and don’t fuck with his show.  Product placement and cutting the cast to save money?  Give me a fucking break.  AMC wouldn’t even be a channel without Mad Men.  Pay the guy and let me enjoy my Sunday nights this summer.

12. I play MLB’s “Beat the Streak” where if I pick a player to get a hit each day.  If he gets a hit I keep going, if he doesn’t I start over.  I need to pick right 57 straight days and I win $5,600,000.   So my guess is that this isn’t that easy.

 If you are reading, I hope you had a great weekend!!!!