$30 Haircuts

I haven’t gotten a haircut in almost two months.  Probably the longest I have gone in a long time.   I like it.  It suits me well and frankly, I pay $30 a haircut.  It is a good haircut and they include the shave (for me it is more of a touch up of my beard – often needed) but I find $30 to be a tad extravagant.  It isn’t like they do anything to my hair other than cut it.  I actually feel like spending $30 to get my hair cut with a pair of scissors and buzz clippers makes me a little less of a man.  I think the limit should be $20.  Tops.   It isn’t like I’m big into my hair.  I have short brown hair that I mat down.  A monkey with a barber’s license should be able to do that for me.  I would then be willing to pay the monkey $20 and tip him one banana. 

To that end…..I did out the math on what it costs to run the barber shop.  Rent, electric, magazines, razors, laundry….not cheap.  They are doing two weeks worth of hair cutting to make their “nut” (it is an exact term we use in the world of business) and then the next two weeks are profit.  Must make it tough to go on vacation.

Tough job too.  You are concentrating on someone’s head all day long.  You probably see some nasty stuff.  Dandruff, peeling scalps, and I’m sure there are skin diseases I don’t even want to know about up there.  You are also on your feet all day.  I could see being very tired at the end up that work day.  Perhaps grouchy.  In need of a drink. But to that end – I could see cutting hair with a hangover as a rough day and a bad professional move.  Send people out into the world looking like they just got the Flobee ( excuse the spelling, but I’m not certain how to spell a product that cuts hair while attached to a vacuum – I’m just getting the thinking that we should have made the pledges use the Flobee on each other while they were pledging.  That would be a true test of brotherhood, but I digress)

Some notes:

Glad the Red Sox were told the MLB season began.  Too bad it happened  a week into the season.

I am locking myself away for a few hours today so that I can write.

I have gained a few pounds recently.  I blame an abundance of meat consumption.  Not that I’m complaining, but if I’m going to go back to my carnivorous ways I need to make sure I’m running 20 miles a week.

Ok, SUNDAY YOGA.  Needs to happen this week.  For the following reasons:

1. My muscles are way too tight

2. I enjoy it

3. Great way to start a Sunday

4. I need some serenity in my life

Downloaded a couple of Gaslight Anthem podcasts recently.  I sure do like that band.

My fingernails are one day too long.

I’m ready for a vacation.

I’m ready for summer, but I would like to thank spring for showing its beautiful face recently.

In thinking about what I want to do with my life….I think I found a profession I would enjoy – being a counselor.  I think people need to vent. I think I’m good at listening and giving constructive advice.  Or a bartender – I mean they do the same thing.

I think I’m going to embark on operation – Andrew needs to cut 8 pounds.  Code name – Fatty needs to lose some weight.   It will involve lots of coffee, chain-smoking, and running (all at the same time)

Quote of the day: “Ten bucks says the shooter’s wife slept with someone else – the Royal Navy can’t be that different from ours.” – My buddy who served on a nuclear submarine upon me informing him that an officer on a British submarine went nuts and shot a couple people on the boat.