Tiger, Sox, Moonshine

Notes –

I would be happy if Rory McIlroy wins the Masters today.  21 year old kid who seems to enjoy the game.  This would be opposed to Tiger Woods who seems to bitch about every single shot he takes, throws his clubs around, and looks like he is in pain the entire time he is playing.  Hey Tiger – I have news for you.  YOU PLAY GOLF FOR A LIVING.  Lighten up a little.   99.9999999999999999999997 % of the world would love to do what you do – ie play 18 golf tournaments a year, make a few commercials, and have sex with as many porn stars as is possible (ok, the last one isn’t a job, but you see where I’m coming from) 


I want to play more golf this year.  I miss it.   Of course, my choice of location doesn’t exactly make it easy to play.  That and not exactly a whole lot of space in my apartment for a set of golf clubs.


Took my first yoga class in over a month today.  I am always shocked at how taxing it is.  I was drenched within ten minutes.  Is it a bad thing that my feet started tingling?  Maybe I need to stretch more.


Dear Boston Red Sox:  It’s ok.  You can’t win them all, but let’s figure out a way to not lose them all.  You guys look like a bunch of Little Leaguers who are lost.  Little Leaguers who are making tens of millions of dollars.  Stop reading your press clipping of pre-season predictions and play some baseball.


I decided to stay in last night.  Good choice.  I woke up and feeling refreshed and energized.  Did some editing this morning.  Cleaned up my apartment.  Yoga. Gym.  Watching the Masters.  Made some lunch.  


This morning I decided to put coffee ice cream in my coffee.  Try it.  It was good.  Cools it down a little.  Gives it some sugar, some cream. 


Has the Federal Government shut down yet?  If so I want my money back.  No, really.   Also, please stop spending my money on wars that will solve nothing, countries that support terrorism (yes, we do that), and spray tans for our representatives. 



How I don’t own Tina Fey’s new book is beyond me.   She is brilliant.   I would vote for her for President. 


So I cleaned out my fridge last night.  Not even going to get into it, but I need to eat vegetables when I buy them and not allow them to turn into moonshine.


My favorite sweater shrank.  Today I soaked it and stretched it.  Probably not on the washing instructions.