It's All Goodnow……

Plane crash

So here is the question –

You have a choice.  

Scenario One:  Survive a crazy plane crash where you end up stranded on a deserted island (re: Cast Away) and get rescued after one month.  You are scared for about ten minutes after the plane hits the water and you think this is it.  You are done.  It is your time.  You pee your pants.  Not a little, but for real (drunk frat boy style) piss yourself.  You scream like I do on  mini-roller coasters. 

After you wash up on the island you figure you are a gonner.  Nothing is going to save you.  You are going to be on an island for the rest of your life.  Better hope there is some animal you can domesticate or you are going to be one lonely human.  Just saying. 

BUT you are resuced.  You have the most amazing story to tell.  You can write a book.  You lost 24 pounds and look fabulous.  You get an invite to Letterman.  Everyone is nice to you for the rest of your life.  You never pay for another beer again and the airline that crashed gives you $5m in hush money and first class tickets for the rest of your life.


You get to your destination just fine.  No crash.  No chance of death.  No fear.  Just a regular old flight.  You have a fine vacation and go back to your boring life.

Which would you take?


Yeah…..I have some things that I would like to write about:

1. I like the state of Alabama.  I like the people in Alabama. I like the warm weather in Alabama. 

2. I almost got stranded in Alabama due to the HUGE storms that rolled through yesterday.   Our plane made it out about ten minutes before the heavens let loose.

3. I did my taxes. I am getting money back.  That is good.

Oh let’s go on a tax tangent.  Sick of paying them.  I would like to make a list of stuff that I would like the government to do with my money.  This is not in any particular order:

Feed children who do not have enough food.  Give them healthy, locally grown food. It would help local economies, fight childhood obesity, and reduce future medical costs.

Provide practical medical care for those who cannot afford it.  Also, there should be access to health counseling, and family planning (you know, crazy things like condoms and birth control pills) 

Schools.  They should be safe places to learn.  There should be unarmed police in any school where there are safety concerns.   We should be investing heavily in math and science programs. 

Public transportation.  I know we all like our SUVs and pot holes suck, but there need to be more high speed rails in the country.  Affordable high speed rail transportation. 

Energy, engery, energy.  There should be a fucking wind mill everywhere.  There should be a solar panel on every home.  The technology is there.  Why are we still fighting wars over oil? 

Things I do not want to pay for:

Wars that don’t keep me safe.

Pensions that make no sense.

Subsidizing large corporations/building sports stadiums

The “War on Drugs”.  It is dumb.  Tax drugs and let’s focus on more pressing issues like keeping assholes from blowing shit up.

3.  The Red Sox are funny.  Maybe they are just kidding with a 3-10 start.   Just fooling around. 

4. My fantasy baseball team is good. 

5. I love bad weather. 

6. I am going to a club called “Happy Ending” tonight.  Oh boy.

7. I’m ready to get a cat. 

8. I’m ready to go to Australia

9. I’m ready to be a writer.


I am sitting in the dark.

I sit here for a great number of reasons.   First is that I don’t see any reason to turn on a light.  I just don’t.  It would require me to get up and flip the switch on.  At the given moment laws of gravity and my sagging couch cushions do not want me to make that seven foot adventure.  I have my feet on my coffee table that was given to me by my uncle who also lives here in Manhattan.  It is a good, solid table.  On it there is a blue pen the spills black ink, keys to my studio apartment that has a picture of Manhattan hanging from its wall, couple of bills that I don’t particularly want to pay, an iPod that contains a Miley Cyrus song somewhere in the back, two coasters from the Haufbrau Haus in Munich, and two receipts that I don’t really want to look at in fear of how large the numbers may be individually or in aggregate.

I could move my feet from this collection of things, but I chose the dark instead.  It is cloudy outside and there is a certain grey showering the day.  That grey has crept into my apartment and I’m not so sure I want to remove it.  It seems to decorate well on the white walls and hide what I don’t particularly want those I allow inside to view.  It is not surprising that the t-shirt I have on is grey.  I wear it well.

For breakfast I ate two Aleve and a half pint of ice cream.  I hate to say this, but it may have been brunch as I ate it at 1 pm.  I dislike brunch.  I think it is stupid.  The concept bothers me.  I dislike that people make brunch a thing.  A destination.   I don’t really like brunch items.  I’d rather just eat ice cream with two Aleve.  It fits my personality much better than pancakes with sprinkles on them.

There is a stack of magazines in the corner of my apartment.  They are covered in dust and I have my sincere doubts about their purpose.  I sometimes think they will spontaneously catch fire one day.  The revenge for not reading New Yorker Magazines cover to cover.  Only reading the Malcom Gladwell articles and the Woody Allen pieces.  The ones that might make me laugh.  At times I would like to throw them out…release some clutter, but I dare not.  As soon as I embarked upon such a venture I would NEED to reference the February 10th’s issue of the New Yorker to read an article on bird watching in Peru.  It is my greatest fear at that moment.  Loss.

I look in this grey and I am comfortable with it.  I will get up on leave it soon.  I have to.  But I will return to it as I always do.  Time and time again. It stays with me because we recognize each other.  And I suppose it is about time I accepted that.