Plane crash

by agoodnow

So here is the question –

You have a choice.  

Scenario One:  Survive a crazy plane crash where you end up stranded on a deserted island (re: Cast Away) and get rescued after one month.  You are scared for about ten minutes after the plane hits the water and you think this is it.  You are done.  It is your time.  You pee your pants.  Not a little, but for real (drunk frat boy style) piss yourself.  You scream like I do on  mini-roller coasters. 

After you wash up on the island you figure you are a gonner.  Nothing is going to save you.  You are going to be on an island for the rest of your life.  Better hope there is some animal you can domesticate or you are going to be one lonely human.  Just saying. 

BUT you are resuced.  You have the most amazing story to tell.  You can write a book.  You lost 24 pounds and look fabulous.  You get an invite to Letterman.  Everyone is nice to you for the rest of your life.  You never pay for another beer again and the airline that crashed gives you $5m in hush money and first class tickets for the rest of your life.


You get to your destination just fine.  No crash.  No chance of death.  No fear.  Just a regular old flight.  You have a fine vacation and go back to your boring life.

Which would you take?