by agoodnow

Yeah…..I have some things that I would like to write about:

1. I like the state of Alabama.  I like the people in Alabama. I like the warm weather in Alabama. 

2. I almost got stranded in Alabama due to the HUGE storms that rolled through yesterday.   Our plane made it out about ten minutes before the heavens let loose.

3. I did my taxes. I am getting money back.  That is good.

Oh let’s go on a tax tangent.  Sick of paying them.  I would like to make a list of stuff that I would like the government to do with my money.  This is not in any particular order:

Feed children who do not have enough food.  Give them healthy, locally grown food. It would help local economies, fight childhood obesity, and reduce future medical costs.

Provide practical medical care for those who cannot afford it.  Also, there should be access to health counseling, and family planning (you know, crazy things like condoms and birth control pills) 

Schools.  They should be safe places to learn.  There should be unarmed police in any school where there are safety concerns.   We should be investing heavily in math and science programs. 

Public transportation.  I know we all like our SUVs and pot holes suck, but there need to be more high speed rails in the country.  Affordable high speed rail transportation. 

Energy, engery, energy.  There should be a fucking wind mill everywhere.  There should be a solar panel on every home.  The technology is there.  Why are we still fighting wars over oil? 

Things I do not want to pay for:

Wars that don’t keep me safe.

Pensions that make no sense.

Subsidizing large corporations/building sports stadiums

The “War on Drugs”.  It is dumb.  Tax drugs and let’s focus on more pressing issues like keeping assholes from blowing shit up.

3.  The Red Sox are funny.  Maybe they are just kidding with a 3-10 start.   Just fooling around. 

4. My fantasy baseball team is good. 

5. I love bad weather. 

6. I am going to a club called “Happy Ending” tonight.  Oh boy.

7. I’m ready to get a cat. 

8. I’m ready to go to Australia

9. I’m ready to be a writer.