by agoodnow

I now know why so many people in Seattle commit suicide.  Not seeing the sun for the last week or so has become depressing.  Very……………..very depressing.  I get the whole April Showers thing, but just a little sun, a little Vitamin D, a little warmth.  I thought I was moving to NYC, not Syracuse.  If I wanted to have moved to upstate New York I would have done so.

I’m going home for Easter.  Not for too long, but just long enough to watch my sister run around and collect some Easter eggs.

So the Red Sox are 8-11…the same record they had after 19 games last season.  So things aren’t all that bad.

The Celtics keep proving that old men can win basketball games. 

The lottery to get into the NYC marathon is next week.  I think I need to get into that race.  I think it would be a really healthy thing for me.   So I will make a list of why Andrew running the NYC marathon would be good:

1. It is such a big deal that there is no way I won’t take the training seriously.

2. I keep pushing off running another marathon.  Not saying I need to run three a year, but I really should work toward one a year. 

3. I’m not getting younger.

4. It would be like an instant diet. 

5.  I do better when I have some structure in my life.

6. I could run for a charity

7.  I could stop at my apartment at mile 16

8. I bet I could break 4 hours in NYC

I need to start reading more often. 

I forgot to eat this morning and I could really use a large coffee.