What’s up with religion?

by agoodnow

I’m not what you might call  a very religious person.  Not my thing.  I think that religion can teach people some valuable lessons…….the not stealing,  not killing (though people have been killing each other over religion since religion was invented), not raping, not banging your neighbor’s wife (even if she is really hot), and not worshiping fake gods (athletes, Paris Hilton, and religious zealots…..I’m looking at you)

Hey, those are good things.  I’m on board with the whole “Let’s lead a good life” deal.

But hasn’t religion gone………oh…….a bit too far.   Here are my views on religion:

1. Religious organizations are run like a business.

2. Any religion that devalues women should be eradicated.  I like women.  They do it for me.

3. Any religion that claims to value marriage by only letting a man marry a women BUT then will also allow this marriage that is apparently so sacred to get divorced or be annulled……..well, now that is just silly, isn’t it?  Shouldn’t we just be cool and let people get married if they want to?  Is it any real problem for us to a gay couple get married.  Does it really have an effect on anyone else?  I just don’t think so.

4. Condoms.  Anyone who says they should not be distributed to folks in Africa or other 3rd world countries should think about the fact that abstinence doesn’t work – please see what happened in the Catholic Church when those men were tasked with being celibate.  Yeah, that worked out well for everyone.

I know so many married couple who use birth control.  Why shouldn’t we stop the spread of disease and child poverty in a place where a simple condom could make lives better.

Oh – we should be giving out condoms to high school students too.  Sorry, they are having sex.  Ignoring it is idiocy.

5. People who use religion as a vehicle of hate ( ie. killing innocent people, flying planes into large towers in lower New York, picketing the funerals of dead soldiers) should be put on an island and that island should be filled with hungry, angry, man-eating tigers.

6. What’s with making women cover their bodies and faces?  No really?  I don’t get that. 

7. Arranged marriages.  Is that cultural or religious?  Maybe a little of both?  You can’t claim to be religious (or a good human being) if you are involved in a marriage between a 12 year old girl and a 37 year old man.   Beyond being gross, it is scary, immoral, and deplorable.

8. I get that the Pope is a big deal…..but can we all agree he isn’t actually speaking for God?  Please?  Can we?  Thanks.

Happy Easter everyone!!!!!!