I did it my way

by agoodnow

Yep.   It happens.  We have bad nights.  I had one tonight. 

Sorry.  And thanks.

Have you ever been so upset that you shook?

Have you ever been so in the right that you wanted a medal?

Have you ever thought to yourself……….wow, that’s fucked up.

Have you ever been confused?

When is the last time you wanted to run, just to feel free.

Have you ever taken a chance?

Have you ever put it all out there?

Have you ever said, I will have no regrets?

When you die, will you be able to say………..I did it my way?  I hope you can.  I really do.  If not, it is sad.  You deserve to have done it the way you wanted. 

Yeah, I am having one of those nights.

I promised myself tonight that I would never again spit up blood because of work.  I plan on keeping that promise.