The Rye Derby

by agoodnow

I ran a 5k this morning.  Some notes on the run.

Took place in Rye, NY.  A very beautiful town.  I would imagine that has something to do with the incredible wealth of those who inhabit the town.

Not a very large crowd.  Maybe 500 people or so.  It prevented a lot of the weaving in between people that I find most annoying about road races.

I was ran with my friend who was participating in his first race. 

I think a ten year old girl beat us (by a couple of minutes)

My friend’s family came out to watch us run.  It was cool to have people cheering for us.  I liked it.

We sprinted in.  I wasn’t trying to kill him, but almost did.

It was pretty warm and it was my first time running in a bright sun.  Always surprises me how much energy that drains.

Our time was 29:11 

We celebrated with burgers and a beer.  Just one beer. 

His two year old daughter and wife were at lunch.  His daughter will likely be a softball player as she enjoys throwing things. 

It was a good run.  Glad I got out of the city for a quick minute.