Osoomo Bin Who?

Alright, some notes on the corpse formerly known as Osama Bin Laden.

1. Religion was the ultimate corruptor of that man.

2. Proof evil exists

3. He was a rich kid who used to drive around in a convertible.

4. He had four wives.  One of whom was his first cousin. 

5. He was hiding DEEP in Pakistan NEXT to an Army base.  Sooo….just saying……I think they knew he was there.

6. I’m not a huge fan of the partying that took place outside of the White House.  Listen, I’m all about reasons to have a good time and get wild, but this was not one of them.  The War of Terror is nowhere close to over.  If anything it has only escalated.  I’m far more concerned with a cell operating out of Park Slope or Astoria than I am about a man hidden half way around the world in a home that did not have a telephone or internet connection.  I get it, we are all happy he is dead.  I doubt there are many people who would doubt that Americans (in the long run) will all be safer because of this, but in the immediate future……….I have to imagine that it isn’t exactly making jihadists warm and fuzzy toward America.

7. When I got off the subway today there was a large German Shepard lying down.  I would have preferred that he sniffed some fucking bags or something that might keep me safe.

8.  I liked the President’s speech about how Bin Laden was dead.  Got to the point.  Made sense.

9. Big fan of the fact that they dumped him in the ocean.  No grave for people to flock to.  No funeral or memorial to be had.  Just loss and emptiness for those who followed him.  I know that some people wanted to see the body.  I’m sure there is video and plenty of pictures to be released eventually.  In the meantime, I hope his body has been devoured by hungry, hungry sharks, but not Great White Sharks.  Nope, Sand Sharks.  Dirty, dirty sharks that are ugly.