A lazy Saturday

A list of things on my mind:

1. Need to adjust my diet.

2. Need to get back on my workout schedule.

3. Need to write more. 

4. I can start writing more blogs soon.  That’s a good thing.

5. I’m getting my real estate license.

6. I’m starting a new career.

7. I’m nervous to be moving on, but excited for a new start.  I’m excited to learn something new.  I’m excited to take control of my future.

8. I feel that everything happens for a reason.  I’m grateful for everything I have learned in the last six years.  I’m grateful for the opportunites I have had.  I’m grateful for the paychecks.

9. I’m not 100% sure where I’m going, but I think I’m getting there.

10. Playoff hockey is awesome.

11. It would be nice if the Red Sox maybe played a little better.  Maybe like a team that is being paid $160m a year. Earn your money.

12. I was tired all day today.

13. Thinking about going on a quick detox diet.  Just a few days of a liquid/ fruit and veggie only type of deal. 

14. How about that Donald Trump guy?  Sure seems to enjoy talking about himself.   Most everyone else is a “Nobody”  I’m certain that I’ll have a longer post as he campaigns more.

15. I’m going to start writing for an online magazine again.

16. I’m currently watching the Celtics game and just saw someone hyper-extend his elbow.  It was gruesome.

17. I’m writing down a list of personal priorities right now and a game plan for accomplishing them.  I should have done this sooner.

18.  I want to run a five minute mile. 

19. I drank a fountain soda for the first time in ages today.