You’re Fired!

Ever felt a little numb?  Not like “I’m at the dentist and I can’t feel my cheek numb” – more like the….not a whole lot is stirring my emotions right now type.  Just a tad blah.  Well, that’s where I’m at right about now.  Which is odd because I have a lot going on in my life right now and I should really be upbeat and energetic right now.  Maybe it is because I am still in the same place for the next three weeks and I’m really excited for the next chapter.  That could be it.  I’m still in my hamster wheel for a little while.

So I have been watching a lot of Primetime on Demand TV, namely:

30 Rock – Oh, how I do love Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan. 

SNL – Tina Fey hosted it. 

The Office – It sucks with Will Ferrell.  I think that show has got to go.

The Apprentice – Oh, Donald Trump how you are a pompous dick.  Really man, come on.  (Yes, I am embarrassed to have watched a full episode of The Apprentice and yes, my IQ is now 4 points lower)

How I Met Your Mother – I hate that Ted guy and love Barney.  That should tell you about all you need to know about me right there.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia –  Two words: Kitten Mittons.  (I know I am bad at spelling, but that is intentional here)

So yeah, I usually don’t watch too much TV, but recently I’m just vegging out and being somewhat mindless.  It is trance like.   I’m just eating a ton of pasta and drinking about 5 gallons of water and watching TV. 

I think I need a new therapist.