Expect Big Things

Do you know how a smell or a taste can awake a moment in your past? 

I had a taste absolutely shock me back to a moment in time on Wednesday.  Back to what was maybe the best moment of my life.   I will not go into detail as to what the moment was, but it involved a woman.  It made me sad because I know I want that moment back.  There is actually nothing I wouldn’t give to have that moment again.  It was a perfect setting.  It was a perfect refreshing beverage. 

I wasn’t expecting it.  I wasn’t expecting to think about that moment again.  I wasn’t expecting to think about her.  It isn’t that I necessarily want HER back, but I can recall being at ease.  At peace. 

Sidenote: I just took that idea and spent the last four hours writing a short story with that thought in mind.

So, it is now 2:10 pm on Saturday and I guess I should start my day.  Though to be honest, I should feel somewhat good about having written a short story in half a day.  Though to be even more honest, it isn’t that good.  They never are.

Story –

Last night I was walking home from watching the Sox game and was passing a German place that I have always wanted to try.  I was tired, but very hungry so I figured…why not get some shnitzel?  I sat down and ordered a weiner schnitzel and a beer.  Mind you, I’m tired and want to get home so I can be productive with my Saturday. 

The woman brings me a LITER of beer.

I said, “Oh fuck me” out loud when she put it in front of me.   I then put both hands around my new found LITER of beer and began climbing the mountain known as Haufbrau.  About 5 sips of this beast later,  my food was there.  The food was unreal.  Best meal I have had in a long time.  Definitely going back.   After enjoying a delicious German meal, I decided that some mountains don’t need to be climbed.   I left at least half of the beer on the table and went home.  

When you are at a German restaurant and you order a beer, expect big things: lesson learned.

Ok, time to go for a run or to the gym or something that will make me sweat in some fashion.