Everything Must Go

by agoodnow

I went to see “Everything Must Go” tonight.  The new Will Ferrell movie. 

Wow, talk about depressing.  The movie sure captured hopeless, desperate people with perfection.

I rarely say this, but that movie was worth $13.  Every penny. 

There is a scene where Will Ferrell does not have enough money to buy his 6-pack and the way he acts out the need and hurt at his inability to provide the thing that is killing him was amazing. 

Go see that movie if you have the time for it.   You will be impressed that Ferrell can pull off this character.

I was stressed out in a big way last week.  So today I did some problem solving and fixed what was making me so nervous.  Moral of the story….I’m going to be just fine.   I won’t bore with details, but I was looking at a problem from only one angle. 

I love drinking seltzer water.  The lime is my favorite.

I woke up this morning and thought there was someone in my apartment.  Yeah, that sucked.

I stopped myself from making a terrible mistake today.   I was more relieved than anything that I didn’t pick up the phone and make that call.

So sad that Donald Trump won’t be running for President.  He would have made all of us Nobody’s so proud to be Americans.

I think jealousy is a terrible emotion.  One I have been guilty of many, many times.  It does two things – inspires anger and motivates insecurities. 

Dear Laundry Fairy – Please come to my apartment.  Thank you.