The Things I Will Carry

by agoodnow

Ever read the book, “The Things They Carried”?  Well, I am going on a mini-adventure and I’m trying to figure out how much stuff I should bring with me.  For that matter, how much do I need for one month during summer months in Europe?  So I’m going to begin building a list of the things I’m going to carry on my back for about 28 days or so.

1. A journal – probably the most important thing I can carry with the exception of a pen.  I can’t wait to write about this and the wacky adventures I usually find myself in.

2. 3 pair of boxers.   Not too many, not too few.  Maybe they are too few, but whatever, I’m sure there are laundry facilities all over the place in Europe (I hope)

3. Socks.  Really good socks.  The sweat wicking kind.  I’m a big fan of socks.

4. 2 UnderArmour t-shirts.  You can wash them and dry them very fast.

5. A bathing suit – That will most likely serve as all purpose shorts at some point

6. A pair of sandals/flip flops……things that are comfortable and I can roam around in.

7. Light shell.  I mean, Iceland isn’t exactly warm even in the summer. 

8. Jeans – for when I go out dancing in the disco

9. A wrinkle free button down shirt – again, for the dancing that will occur in the disco

10. A camera so that I can document the awesomeness I plan on encountering.  Very excited to post pictures of me with random strangers in foreign lands.

11. A Boston Red Sox hat.

12. Spare pair of glasses (just in case.  I don’t want to be walking around Rome blind)

13. A map  maybe 2. But then again, I’m sure I can find a map at the places where I will be stayin in each city.  Maybe no map.  Fly blind.

14. Travel guide.  These I will pack………..but maybe I can put them on a Kindle….

15. Toothbrush

16.  iPod

17. I am considering getting a Kindle, but not really sure if I want to do that.  It would be nice to have the ability to catch up on some reading while on planes, trains, and buses and not have to lug around heavy paperbacks.  It is in the maybe column.

18. Cologne.  I have a feeling I will smell wonderful after a day of scouring Amsterdam.

19. My own sheets.

20. Cargo shorts (that I plan on wearing every single day)

21. A passport, license, two credit cards, and a small amount of cash. 

22. A print out of all the places I plan on staying, the number to the embassy in each country, and a translation of how to say “I need to get to a hospital/bar/consulate” in every language in will encounter.

I think that sounds good.  If anyone has any suggestions let me know. I’m getting excited and I did something today that will make this whole trip possible. 

I have a feeling I will never regret this decision and if I do it means that I did something wrong.

Have a wonderful day and I hope you are able to start planning your own adventure be it alone or with the people you love.