Still here?

by agoodnow

So you are still here which means you were not saved in the rapture.  Sorry to hear that. 

Cold today.  Really cold actually. Watching the 6th Sense.  Good flick.

Some days you just don’t have it in you to write.  I’m feeling that. I just don’t have it.

Maybe a bagel and some coffee will do it.

I ended up on the Lower East Side last night.  Yep, you know what that means…..arguing with a cab driver about the fastest way to get home.  Fucking guy wanted to take 1st Ave all the way up.  I’m not a tourist, take the FDR.  It is 3 am, I’m tired and hungry.  He started to argue with me.  I don’t get that, I’m the customer and I wanted to take the FDR. 

Needless to say, I was right.

What happend to customer service? 

Heineken has a new commercial that says, “We don’t have a device that tells you how cold the beer is………you have hands.”

hahahahahaha.  I’m a big fan of practicality.

So yesterday I went to a fundraiser for a bartender who had a stroke.   No health insurance.  Just a terrible terrible thing.  I was glad to go and give a little money.  I certainly hope that if I were in the same situation that some people would help me out.  Because let’s be honest, every once in a while we all need a little help.

Try to do something nice for someone today.  Not because a book tells you to.  Not because the world is going to end. 

Ok, time to get a bagel.  I’m going to buy one for the homeless person who lives across the street too.