Closing Time

Some minor observations:

1. Riding the subway to work today was an adventure.  We were delayed for a long time due to “Unauthorized individuals on the tracks”   Mind you, us straphangers are sitting on a train listening to this over a broken intercom.  The only thing I’m thinking is, Hmmmm…….this would be a shitty day to die in a fiery explosion.  A few people got off the train.  (those are probably the smarter people on that train) and some of us (who will eventually fall prey to natural selection) stayed on the train.  Moral of the story, nothing blew up and I got to spend a half hour on the subway next to a screaming child who was eating a healthy meal of McDonald’s.  The smell was not exactly what I would call “pleasant”. 

2. Ok, kids……….time to start getting a tad healthier.   This past week I went on a road trip with my Dad en route to the Indy 500.

Sidenote – Not many people my age can go on a road trip with their Dad for 5 days and still actually keep their sanity.  I think that goes a long way in speaking to having a good relationship with him.  My Dad = good guy.

For five days I ate nothing but crap.  Fast food, hot dogs, beer, ice cream.  I don’t think I put one good thing into my body other than twelve year old Scotch.  Yes, 12 year old Scotch was the healthiest thing I consumed over a five day period. 

When I got home from this trip I felt…..well, fat.  Just gross.  Here is the scary thing to me.  I did that for 5 days and I felt terrible.  Imagine if that diet was a staple of your life.  Constantly feeling run down and tired.  Gaining weight.  Having all of the preservatives in your body constantly. 

Now I’m not the picture of clean living, but I also know when to make some changes.  (ie. eating a salad, hitting the gym, keeping away from the free Twizzlers in the office)  And it is time to make some changes.  Nothing drastic, but no bar food, not fast food, no simple sugars.  Oh yeah, I think I’ll utilize that overpriced gym membership while I’m at it.

3. I have three days left of work.  I have a whole lot of feeling about that.  I’ll share them at another time. 

4. I’m throwing myself a retirement party.  Yes, you read that right.  Retirement. I’m retiring.  From what?  I’m not sure, but it sounds cool to me.

5.  My favorite Red Sox bar is closing.  Last night was supposed to be its last night in operation, but I think they have a couple more days.  Either way, I’ll miss it.  I have some really good memories at that bar.  I met some amazing people in that bar.  I also have some terrible memories (two of them involve the Patriots and NY football teams……….excuse me while I curse out loud for a few minutes…………ok, I’m back)   It is too bad, you get to know people when you go to a bar long enough.  There is a sense of community, especially in a  bar that caters to a specific niche crowd like Bostonians.  The TV rating in Boston are down 33%, so I guess that translates to the Boston bar population as well.  I think a lot of the wind is out of the sales from the 04′ and 07′ seasons when they won. 

RIP Pat O’Briens  (ok, I’m done crying and I can continue)

6. Sooooo………we didn’t really have a Spring this year.  That sucks.  It went from 50 degrees and raining to 93 degrees in a matter of 5 days.  No wonder I’m feeling run down.  I’m not saying this is a direct result of global warming, but I am saying you might be a fucking idiot if you don’t think humans have  played a part in altering our climate. 

7.  Mad Men?  Anyone?  Mad Men?  Will you be coming back?  Mad Men?  Anyone? 

8. Tickets are booked for Europe.  I leave for Iceland on June 29th.  Then fly to Amsterdam on July 4th (hmmm…July 4th in Amsterdam. That might be fun)  From there I wander around Europe and hopefully end up in Munich for my return flight.

I have been to Munich before, but I was 16.  I went to a beer hall and was forced to drink a non-alcoholic beer.  In a beer hall.  In Munich.  It was the single lowest point in my life.  No really, it was.  So I am going back to Munich and I will have my redemption.  Oh, I will!!!!  I will drink large beers served to me by busty Bavarian women, I will sing songs in a language I barely know (I did take 8 years of German, but I guess I didn’t pay “sehr gut” attention), and I will have one hell of a time. 

8.  I have a buddy who might go to Australia for a couple of months……….hmmmm……maybe that’s next on Andrew’s world tour.


Have a great day. 


There isn’t a person anywhere who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can”  – Henry Ford