20 Brides

by agoodnow

I was walking up 68th St. this morning on my way to the subway when I passed a young lady wearing a wedding gown.  Odd for a woman to be walking down 68th St in a wedding gown on a Thursday morning, but hey…..maybe it was some sort of religious or family tradition to get married mid morning on a Thursday and to WALK to the church.  Who am I to judge?

As I continued to walk I passed another……..I don’t know 20 or so women all of whom were walking down 68th St. and wearing a wedding dress.  

A few comments/questions:

1. Photo shoot?

2. Mass wedding to Jesus?  (though -and I’m not trying to be mean here- these ladies did not look like the nun type.  A bit much on the cleavage front to be married to Christ)

3. Trying to set some sort of world record?

4. Some of those young ladies were not wearing white….just saying.



So last night the Bruins lost 1-0 with 18 seconds left in the game.  So that sort of sucks.


1.5 days of work left. Odds of me ending up at the Stumble Inn tomorrow night: 97%


Someone told me about “couch surfing” while in Europe – whereby I would sleep on stanger’s couches in foreign countries.  Sounds like a typical Friday night to me, just on a new continent.  I’m in.

Yes, I did make out a will before I left.


Apparently someone died on the six train yesterday.  It was hot, she passed out on the platform, fell on the tracks, and got hit by the train.  Rough day.  

Not going to miss that commute.  Though it has provided some decent blog material.   And I do love an adventure.


It has been amazing – the overwhelming support I have gotten from people about quitting my job.  AMAZING.  Not one person has said, “This is a bad idea.”  Not one.  I’m surprised, but I also think that I’m doing what most people want to do.  What a lot of people WISH they could do. 

I’m appreciative of it.  I think this is going to yield some really good things.  I’m sure this will be what I need to move forward.  I dont’ see this as a step back, I see it as breaking free and being my own boss for a little while.


Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.
– Leon J. Suenes