Employee # 1000000

I woke up early today.  How?  I’m not sure.  Mornings aren’t my thing and last night was late.  That said, I think I’m pretty excited for today.  I am putting a period on a very big chapter of my life.  This was, by no means, an easy decision.   So here it goes….I am going to write some things about my soon to be former employer:

1. For six and a half years I was paid a wage that afforded my to live in two of the largest cities in America.

2. I always had health insurance

3. I have a fairly healthy 401k  that my employer contributed to

4. I had plenty of vacation days

5. I never had to do manual labor

6. I traveled to:

New Orleans




St. Louis


Kansas City (oh boy, did I go to KC)

Utica, NY (I just shivered thinking about that trip)


Newark, NJ (arg)

Omaha, NE



I will sum this up quickly.

I was lucky to have worked for a place that took care of me.  I am lucky to have worked with many of the people I came across.  I’m sure that there are things that I could point out that weren’t so good, but who cares?  I made the decision to work where I did.  They paid me.  I could say it wasn’t enough, but it is on me to change that.  I could have worked harder, applied for a new job, gotten my MBA.   By no means do I leave this job with anything but an appreciation for the experience I have had.  I think that is the most important thing:  experience.  For the last six and a half years (think about all that has happened in your life in the last six years………no really………do it…….think about it…………ok, done thinking…..you good?  Cause in the last six and a half years I will make a quick list of what has happened to me)

Cary, Julie, Kelly, a bottle in Baltimore, a baseball bat in KC, Montreal, the best friends in the world (I still don’t know why they like me so much), a move to NYC, a little sister, a marathon, and lots of coffee.

I have nothing bad to say.  Nothing at all.  I am making a decision for me.  I am ready to be my own boss.  I am ready to take control.  I am ready to be my own motivator.  I am ready to do this.  Because it is on me.  It is on me to do what I want.  On me to travel.  It is not an employer’s job to keep me happy.  It is not an employers job to hold my hand.  My career is my responsibility.  One day I woke up and came to the realization that life is more than a cubicle, a 401k, and health insurance.  Don’t get me wrong, those are not bad things, but I feel like those are the things we now tether ourselves to.  The things that it makes sense for us to do.  The things I have been a huge proponent of for the last…oh….six and a half years or 8% of my life. 

Kids, I hope you keep reading this blog.  Things are about to get crazy.

Employee # 1000000…………out.  (yes, that is my employee number. One million)