Retirement Party

by agoodnow

Yesterday was my last day of work.  Now, I know that I will have to go back to work eventually, however, I’d like to do it on my own terms.   I would never pigeon hole myself into limiting the scope of the type of company I would work for.  Would I prefer a slightly smaller company?  Yes.  Would I like to write in some capacity?  Yes.  Do I want to be in an environment where the most important thing is to achieve an objective rather than fulfilling useless metrics.  Yes.

So in looking for a new workplace I’m searching Craigslist and looking at publishing houses.   I’m even willing to take an internship at a company if I think there is the opportunity to learn and expand.  I’m excited to be in a position where I can do that.

As for my “retirement party”………I had so much fun.  People from several different groups were there.  It was nice to spend a night among my friends.  I am really happy about the decision I have made and I am very cognizant not to squander this opportunity.  As much as I would love to sleep in every day and go out every night….that isn’t in the cards.  I am giving myself “office hours”  Not exactly going to be in an office, but this is time I am going to use to write, look at jobs, look at classes I want to take, and plan out my trip to Europe. 

I have a few writing projects I have wanted to take on and I have NO Excuse not to get going on them. 

I’m also looking forward to having the time in the day to spend in the gym.  There will be mandatory gym hours as well.  (Fuck, it feels like I’m pledging a fraternity again)

I’m positive right now.  I’m upbeat.  I’m (somewhat shockingly) relaxed. 

So today I’m going to go pick up my race number for a 4 mile run I have tomorrow in the Park.  I’m going to write 20 pages.  I’m going to see The Hangover 2.  I’m going to get a good night’s sleep.  Tomorrow I’m going to have a good race.  I’m going to sit down and write.  I’m not going to worry about going to work on Monday.   I’m not going to worry at all actually.

Life is good.