Productivity and Hangover 2

by agoodnow

After quitting my job it has become apparent to me that real work starts tomorrow.

A list of a few things that will happen tomorrow and a list of a few things that will not happen:

Will happen:

1. I am going to write

2. I am going to call the School of Visual Arts and inquire about taking a tour.  I am thinking about taking a copywriting course or two.  I would make a good Don Draper.

3. Gym.  I’m going to it.

4. Lunch, I’m having it with a friend.

5. My apartment.  It is getting cleaned.

Things that will not happen:

1. TV is not getting turned on.

2. I am not sleeping until noon

3. I am not sitting in my apartment all day


I think I have the plan for  a productive day.  Here is the other awesome thing about not having a job to go to on Monday morning.  I can sit up and write until 3 am tonight.

I saw the Hangover 2 last night.  I won’t give anything away. 

It is a formula movie.  The formula seems to work.  It is pretty funny though the first one had more surprises.   This one tries to go more over the top with being lewd (which I have zero problem with), but you can tell that the movie was  thrown together. 

If you are looking for a few quick laughs, it does the trick.  If you are looking for the same thing as the first Hangover.  Nope.    My guess; there will be a Hangover 3, I mean Allan needs to get married……


It is 11 pm and I am wide awake.  Thank you 5 pm nap.


I think I am going to take a walk around my neighborhood.  Because I can.  Besides, I want a slice of pizza.

I am thinking about shaving for the first time in about six months. 

I can’t believe I will not be going to work tomorrow.  There is something unsettling, yet liberating about it.