I lift things up and put them down

by agoodnow

I almost threw up from working out for the first time since one Nick Papandrew almost killed me when he was a trainer.   So that means I feel absolutely fantastic right now.  I am starting to run again.  Hitting the weights hard.  I care about how my body looks and all, but what I like most is how I feel afterwards.  Not only is it “yippie, I went to the gym”, but it is also “yippie, I have endorphins running wild up in here”

Needless to say, I’m enjoying having the time to get to the gym and do it right.  Plus, only three weeks until I hit the Icelandic hotsprings.  I would prefer to not be fat for that.

I’m wondering if I will lose or gain weight in Europe.  I like eating, but I will also be very active.  It will be interesting.

I started a new short story today.  Needed a break from the book.

So how about this heat?  This is “old people die” kind of heat.   I went to a Starbucks and the gym for the free AC.  It is that  bad.

I’m eating much healthier this week.  Lots of pasta and salads.  Fruit for breakfast.  9 cups of coffee a day. Sam Summer at night.  (Have I mentioned that I am loving life right now?)

I will be doing some Indian gaming this weekend to celebrate my Mom’s  birthday.  Nothing says good family fun like consuming too much alcohol and gambling away our hard earned money at a state sanctioned Indian Reservation.  Woohoo.

Gotta wrap this up.  Going to an outdoor concert in 95 degree heat. 

Oh, for all you Boston sports fans.  Umm…yea, good times.