Midnight in Paris

by agoodnow

I spent today reading my book and writing.  That’s all I did all day long. 

So I am challenging myself to do something new everyday until I leave for Europe.  Be it going to a new coffee shop, going to a different gym than usual.  Trying a new food.  Running a new route.  Anything really. 

Haven’t done anything new today, but the night is still young. 

Yesterday I saw Midnight in Paris.  Woody Allen is awesome.  What a terrific movie.  His brand of humor is amazing: witty and dry.  I love that he has used cities as characters in his last two movies.  I hope that someday I can come up with something half as brilliant as he does time and again.   Go see it if you want to laugh and think about life.   Owen Wilson does a good job of trying to be Woody Allen.  Not quite it, but you can see where he is well cast.

For some reason I really connected with the movie.  I got it.  It makes sense to me.  The movie made me want to go to Paris.  Soooo…..fuck it, maybe I will while I’m in Europe.  Why not?  I am one of the only people I know who truly enjoys walking in the rain. 


I am really, honestly, entirely sick of dating in New York.  It is just brutal.  BRUTAL.   I’m not saying I’m Mr. Perfect Date over here, but for the love of God can I please meet a fun, non-confrontational, and interesting girl?   It borders on depressing.


Any suggestions on what to take to Europe?