The Lower East Side

by agoodnow

I decided to do something different last night so I wandered around the Lower East Side – a place I rarely go.  I think that is born out of laziness more than anything else.   The Lower East Side is interesting.  Lots of quaint little places and if I were to guess Manhattan looked more like the LES than my neighborhood 25 years ago.  It is a little dirtier, the people are a bit more artsy, and the bars only accept cash. 

Some notes:

1. It was cold last night.  Sub 60’s cold.  It was actually somewhat refreshing, but I don’t like HAVING to wear a sweater to stay warm in mid June.

2. I like the cash only option at bars the more I think about it.  Sure it is shady.  Sure it most likely avoids many, many hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, but I have a problem with credit card companies charging the bar 3% to accept the card and then charging the consumer 17.9% on the back-end.  It just seems  a tad fucked to me. 

3. I like dive bars.  I am more at home there.

4. Less cabs honking horns downtown.  No idea why.

5. My last stop of the night was going to be McSorley’s, but it was closed at 12:50 on a Tuesday.  I was shocked.  That place is ALWAYS packed.

6. I liked doing something new.  There is so much of this city I have yet to experience.

7. Today I layed out in Central Park.  I think I may have done that once in my three and a half years here.


A certain Boston hockey team is playing for the Stanley Cup tonight.  Woot woot. 

I am so fucked for this half marathon in two weeks.

Gym time now so that I am slightly less fucked in two weeks.