The Notebook

by agoodnow

I’m going to admit to something.  I like the movie “The Notebook”.

It is a shame I have carried around for far too long.  The movie appeals to me.  What it comes down to is that all of us have a bit of a romantic in us.  We can all relate to love, loss, brutal painstaking relationships, and the rekindling of a romance.  For better or worse, it happens to us all.   We learn from them, we go to therapy because of them, we drink because of them, we cry because of them, we go on prescription medications because of them, and we watch movies like “The Notebook” so that we can be reminded that from time to time it works out.  From time to time there is a happy ending where one of you develops dementia and the other is left to remember better times.  It is easy to look back and remember the “better times”.  It is easy to think about, how good things used to be.   Look back on an old relationship and think about the positive.  I do.  Relationships that needed to end, but I (we) kept them going on and off.  Always thinking about what was right and less about the arguments or whatever drove a wedge in a relationship. 

I guess that movie makes me think to myself………….one day I’m going to figure it out. 


On that note, I’m going out.


But first, some notes.

Ran 4 miles tonight. This half marathon next weekend is going to be a test of will.

Sam Summer Ale might be my favorite beer.

I came up with a really cool idea for a website today.  Has to do with humorous fiction.  I think the world needs more laughter.

How about that Anthony Weiner?  Phew……..dude just couldn’t control himself.  His poor wife.  Poor, poor wife.

How about those Bruins?  Awesome.  Boston has the grand slam of sports titles in the last 7 years.

Rory is the new Tiger ( minus the hookers)