Can I get a?

“Can I get a……?”

Living in NYC I tend to be out on the town from time to time.  I hear people order a lot of items.  Beer, coffee, chicken fingers, nachos, shots of whiskey, mozzerella sticks…….you get the point.  It has dawned on me that the majority of people order in the following fashion, “Can I get a Bud Light?”  Can you get a?  If you order something and say, “Can I get a”  you are an asshole. Have we evolved to a place where being polite to those who serve us has gotten to “Let me get a?”  “Can I get a?” 

My favorite TV show is Mad Men.  People were polite back then.  How, in a span of 40 years, have we gotten to this place where opening a door for another person is completely unexpected? 

When I bartended it was an interesting group of people who would order in the fashion of “Can I get a?”   They wore baseball hats sideways, long white t-shirts, had chin strap facial hair, earings, large jewelery, and didn’t tip.  So how the fuck did that become the norm in the way we order items when we are out? 

It scares me on several levels that they level of disregard for others has evolved the way it has.  The next time you are at a bar listen to how people order.  It is shocking. 

So here are some things you can say instead………..

1. May I have a water please?

2. May I please have an Orange Crush?

(note, it doesn’t matter where the please is located.  As long as it is there)

3. Can I have another bag of Chili Fritos?  I sure am hungry.

4. Can I please have a second helping of mozzerella sticks with blue cheese?  My good friend Nick here is hungry and would like some more.  Thanks!

5. Yo bartender friend, maybe I have another round of Dr. Pepper bombs?

6. Hola Mr. Bartender, how about another Corona por favor?

See, there are so many ways to politely request items.  I suggest you try it.  You aren’t in a rap video, you aren’t better than the person serving you, and a bit of humility would do all of us good from time to time.