Gay Marriage

by agoodnow

How about that gay marriage bill being passed in the state of New York? 

Here is my opinion on this – I don’t care.  It has zero impact on my life and unless you are gay, it has zero impact on yours either.  If you are gay, congrats….you get to have a failure rate of 50% like the rest of us.   I do, however, have some observations on the whole thing:

1. If you are anti-gay marriage due to religious reasons……….well, hey….we all have opinions.  I happen to disagree with yours, but whatever, that is the beauty of living in this country.  We don’t all need to do this same thing.  We don’t have to believe the same thing.  You get to practice the religion you want, you get to carry around guns if you want (properly licensed of course), you get to say what is on your mind.  It just so happens that here in the state of New York gay people can now “officially” love each other.

2. Another point on religion.  If you really want to protect marriage I suggest you go to the local divorce court and protest that.  50% of heterosexual marriages.  HALF of all marriages result in divorce.  That is what you should rally against.  Not a couple of people who have been in a relationship for three decades who actually like each other. 

3.  The argument that the population will go down = GOOD.  Too many people in this world as is.  Although let’s be honest, that is a bullshit point and people aren’t just going to “turn” gay because they can get married now. 

4. What an economy this will spawn.  You think gay people aren’t going to throw out of control weddings?  I need to get myself into the gay wedding planning business.  Maybe I’ll try selling that to the investors on Shark Tank. 

5. If you are protesting gay marriage please find something better to do with your time.

6. Gays pay taxes too.  In your church you can decide who can and cannot get married.  Nobody is changing the fundamentals of religion.  Live your life the way you want to.  Go to church. Pray.  Do your thing.  Gay people getting married has no effect on any of that.   HOWEVER, at City Hall everyone should have the same rights.

We all want to fall in love blah blah blah.  If gay people want to get married then they should.  Personally, I’m glad it is legalized in the state where I live.  In a day and age where I think more and more of our freedoms are taken away (think about how many times you are on camera on any given day) it is nice to see that some people are getting a fair shake.