by agoodnow

I ran a half marathon yesterday.  Very glad I ran it though I was slow.  Very slow.  The hills of Fairfield, CT beat me up as did the sun.  Whatever, I finished and didn’t train for it. I’ll take that as a win.  

So now the focus for the next 52 hours is Europe.  The following things need to get done:

1. Pick up backpack.  Very important seeing how I am backpacking Europe.   I suppose I could go with a suitcase on rollers, but I’m not sure that would be as much fun “suitcase with rollering through Europe”

2. Clean my apartment.  No really, I plan on spending the entirety of tonight cleaning, laundry, and laying out the clothes I will be putting into my backpack.

3. Go to the bank and get some Euros/Kroners. 

4. Transfer my “Europe Money” into my bank account.

5. Buy a new pair of cargo shorts.

6. Flip flops for places like hostels that might not have the cleanest bathrooms (I’m expecting an adventure as it relates to that.

7. Wet wipes/sanitary wipes/very small first aid kit.  You never know what kind of shit I’m going to get myself into.

8. Need to buy a quick drying towel. 

9. Call cable company and reduce my subscription.  No need to pay for all that fancy basic cable if I won’t be here.

10. Look into World Cup tix.  The women are playing in Germany and I will be next door.  Could be fun.


Big list.  I should get going on it.