European ramblings:

1. stop putting mayo on every fucking thing.  it is gross.  seriously, how are  you people not fat?

2. iceland is cold.

3. you do not have to tip much here.  10 percent is good.  it has made for less expensive dining

4. the women here aren’t exactly bad looking.  though i am convinced it is more because they are different looking, dressing, etc. than american women

5. everything you hear about the french is true.  even french people don’t like the french.  it is hysterical.

6. beer in prague is less expensive than water.  for real.

7. red headed iclandic women are the devil.

8. someone asked me if the term “made in america” even applies anymore.  it is a fair question.

9. europeans are convinced that the american economy is on the brink of collapse.

10. worst sunburn of my life in icleand

11. i have a bite mark on my shoulder

12. the food here is interesting.  i have eaten mcdonalds a few times as comfort food.

13. they really like matthew perry (friends) in the czech republic.  it is odd.

14. i danced last night.  interesting.

15. it would be tough to be a vegetarian in prague

16. i drank at a monastery yesterday.  best beer ever

17. there have been a couple of times where i wished that i was not traveling alone. it does get lonely.

18. i hit my stride in writing today.

19. i live by a map right now

20. things be old here

21. pigeons are fearless in prague.  they will fly at your face.

22. absinthe is a delicious beverage that i love and would like to drink for breakfast every day of my life.

23. for the first time in my life i feel old, but strangely alive.

24. i like chanting USA whenever i can

25. i am really good at meeting people.  hung out with austrians last night, drank with texans today, hung out with an aussie and a couple of girls from arizona the previous night.  apparently i am personable.

26. to anyone reading……you owe it to yourself to take a trip like this.

27.  see you kids in a couple of weeks.

28.  good to the the sox are in first place.