The little things

by agoodnow

It is the little things in life.  Spending the last month with nothing more than a backpack made me come to a few conclusions:

1. I have never been able to appreciate how good it feels to use a full sized towel to dry my body.  In Europe is was either using a hostel rented towel or this small dish towl sized thing I had. 

2. Use of a clean kitchen.  With my own utensils, coffee maker, and fridge. 

3. Clean sheets…..that I know do not have bed bugs.

4. Clean clothes……Oh, clean clothes.  Yes, yes……….clean clothes that do not smell bad. 

5. Privacy.  I am enjoying time alone reading my New Yorker.

6. Refills on coffee.  No refills in Europe.  That fuck is with that?

7. Not ever having to wait in line for a bathroom.   Or for that matter not having to listen to French people sing in the shower next to me.

8. Real shampoo.

9. A selection of more than the four shirts I had packed.

10. Not having to start every conversation with “Do you speak English?”

11. Not having to do calculations to figure how much something costs.  For example – withdrawing 10,000 of anything makes me  nervous.

12. Not having to feel like I have to be “on” all the time as to meet people.  That gets very draining.

13. Not feeling like I have to go out each night as not to miss anything.