Odds and Ends

Haven’t written a whole lot lately due to working on the book.  Next time I write a book I am typing it.  This long hand stuff is killing me.  The editing process is very tedious.  I wish it went faster.  The other problem I have is that after two hours or so I need a break from it.  I think the book is going to end up being about 300 pages or so.  After re-reading it a couple of times (I read it while I’m on the machines at the gym) there are a few story lines that I decided to remove.  THey just didn’t mesh with the concept of bad luck, alcohol abuse, and a degenerate lifestyle.

I have enjoyed watching baseball since I got back from Europe.   There is something soothing about it. However, it tends to be better when the Red Sox win.

I am thinking about going to London to see my favorite band play. 

I got an email in Russian yesterday.  Yep, we had to used Google translator for that one.

When I was in Austria I played a drinking game that involved a hatchet and nails.  The game was actually outlawed in several countries……..I can’t imagine why.

Never trust a red headed Icelandic woman.  You have been warned.

I really want to travel more often.

I need to start running.  Cause I don’t like the idea of being both unemployed and fat.  It is one or the other.

I have five different types of currency sitting on my coffee table.

East Bound and Down: Wetpuss.    I laughed out loud several times while watching the second season.

I ate at a McDonald’s designed by Eifel while in Budapest.