Jersey Shore Bound

I am going to the Jersey Shore tomorrow.  A mysterious place full of adventure and intoxication.  I, however, will only be there for the day so no fist pumping will be taking place….which is good cause I don’t fist pump very well.  I am looking forward to getting some sun.  I am losing a bit of the tan I got in Europe.  Iceland to be exact.  Worst sunburn of my life…in Iceland.  I will be wearing sunscreen tomorrow. 

As an added bonus I will be getting some Wawa for lunch and the girl with whom I am going is not exactly rough on the eyes.  So I have that going for me.  Hell, I might even build a sandcastle. 


I bought new cargo shorts today due to the ones I have ripping in the crotch.  Naturally I had to first realize this when I was in public.  I’m sure it was a nice show for everyone who was around me.  That said, I was watching the Red Sox and stayed at the bar. 


NFL pre-season began today.  Nice to see some football.  I have missed my Sunday Fundays.  Soon enough they will be back. 

I didn’t drink this week – too much to do with trying to find an agent for the book.  I do my best work at night.

I was at the gym for three hours today.  A bit extreme….perhaps.  But I have decided that 15 pounds is coming off.  That will take about 50 days.  After that, I’ll run another marathon.  See how easy it is?

So I’m thinking about taking a job at a non-profit.  Part time.  Something to get me into the real world on a daily basis.

Check out the Louie C.K.  episode from tonight.  Both of them were new and both amazing for their own reasons.  Masturbation and suicide were the topics.  The man is genius.

I need to see a Gaslight Anthem show soon  AND I might go to Europe to get that fix.

So how about that stock market?  Boy, so glad that shit isn’t like spinning a roulette wheel.  I really have zero trust or faith in any stock market.  It is too easily manipulated and subject to irrational mood swings.

Pretty sure I might be moving out of Manhattan.  If only for Brooklyn.  I think I’m about done here. It was fun, but I feel like I’ve done it.

Reading Philip Roth’s American Pastoral.  Good book.  At time I just want to tell the guy to get on with his point.  Hey, I get it, now let’s move on.  The was great and then he wasn’t.  I don’t need 75 pages on that.

Gotta get to bed.  Big day of not fist pumping and tanning tomorrow.