Is Grad School Worth It?

Is grad school worth it?  Good question.  So as I roll through my life journey I’m considering many things…among them going back to school so that I can learn a skill that will get me a job I will like and where I can make these things called dollars that help with things like paying for shelter, food that someone else produced, and traveling places so I can do cool stuff like getting lost in Budapest at 1 am only to end up in a hotel run by the Hungarian mafia. 

So what would I be good at doing?

1. Lawyer – I’m aggressive and I bet I could make a jury like me if I needed to.   Plus I would love to be a prosecutor.  I would love to put  bad people in jail.  That is something I would jump out of bed for. 

2. Advertising – I like words and organizing them so that they catch a person’s eye socket. 

3. Emperor of Earth – I would like to rule the world.  It would be a good gig and I would get rid of everyone’s credit card debt.  Who is coming with me?  I would also pay teacher’s more money, get rid of Wall St. because it add NOTHING to the economy other than more paper, and there would be no more speed limit.

4. Writer – Should I get my MFA?  Eh, not sure that is really necessary.  We’ll see if I get the book published.  Just waiting to hear back from agents now.  Any agents who want to go ahead and represent me I promise that I write reeeeeeeeeal good.

5. Professional athlete – I have always said that I will peak at the age of 32.  Well……that means I have two more years to work on whatever sport I plan on dominating.  Golf or ping pong would be a good fit.  You know, because I can’t jump all that high or run all that fast.

6. Bar Crawl leader –  I would wear a tuxedo t-shirt because it says “I’m serious, but I’m here to party”  (I fucking love that line)

7. Tour the world following The Gaslight Anthem – Not sure how I would make money off of that, but maybe there is a book to be written there.

8. Island bartender – Hawaiian shirt wearing, bottle opening, dream job.

9. Personal Trainer – I can count to 12 with the best of them.

10. Fruit stand guy – Cash business, get to work outside, and provide people with healthy food.  (Ok, yeah. No. Probably not gonna happen)

11. Client Relations Director for a Fortune 50 Company – Hmmmm……..starting to think I may have done that already.  Not sure it worked out all that well for me.  Maybe we should move on the #12…..

12.  Stop worrying about it because everything will work out. The Summer of Andrew isn’t even over yet.