Luigi’s Bakery – Trumbull, CT

by agoodnow

I was thinking about the jobs I have had.  The good ones, the not so good ones.  And I realized that my first job may, in fact, be the best of all.

I washed dishes at an Italian bakery in Trumbull, CT.  Luigi’s.  I was 16 years old.  It isn’t that I was a huge fan of washing dishes, pots, pans, tray, or mopping floors.  Nope, not really my style.  It was that I worked for a family business.  Everyone who worked there was part of the family.  I felt like the people I worked for actually CARED about me.  I wasn’t going to get laid off.  I wasn’t going to get screwed.  My job wasn’t going to be sent to India.  If I needed more hours I always got them.  When I needed time off they were accommodating. 

I still go to Luigi’s during the holidays to get pies.  The owners still remember me AND give me my employee discount.  Good people.  I can say this….if/when I ever get married I know for a fact where the cake will be coming from.  For no other reason than I have seen them making the cakes, the bakery is clean, and frankly, it is great f*%cking cake.

So if you are reading this and you happen to be in Trumbull, CT…go to Luigi’s, get a canoli, and tell Frank that Andy (Yes, they called me Andy) says hi. 


Funny story – I was 17 and I may have been out drinking one Saturday night and I got to work on Sunday morning ALL sorts of hungover.   I must have stunk.  Frank (owner’s son/co-owner) comes up to me with a bottle of ginger ale and a couple advil.  “Good job making it in today.  I appreciate it.”  I have a feeling that Frank spent a couple mornings over that very same sink with the very same hangover when he was 17.