Finding a literary agent

Ok, I am going to make a small comparison here.  I am trying to find an agent to represent my book.  I realized a couple of things:

1. I have never published a book before so nobody knows me from the homeless guy who lives across the street from me (The homeless guy who happened to wake me up this morning by the sound of him hitting himself in the face.  It is all very sad.).

2. Agents are busy.

3. My assumption is that experienced agents have a full plate.

4. I would assume that less experienced agents have less on their plate.  (again, only a guess here)

5. My guess is that a younger agent would be more interested in reading the words I have put on paper and formed into sentences.  (again, only a guess)

So I’m looking at it like this.  I’m like the ugly guy at the bar (ok, maybe I don’t need to go to such a stretch for that one).  I need to find a girl to go home with me.  My standards cannot be high, but I can’t get so desperate that I am paying someone to go home with me (pay a “reading company”)   So I am looking for an agent, any agent.  Junior agents.  Small agents. Big agents.  Mostly, I just want an agent who will read my book and be passionate about it.   I have a feeling that if I look for junior agents I might have better odds of finding someone who wants to work hard with me in selling the book.  Not that a more experienced agent wouldn’t, but I think someone with less experience might be willing to take a risk in investing their time with me.  So that’s my thought and it has been my strategy to send query letters to the junior agent or intern. 

So I guess this is as much me wanting to take a risk on someone who is willing to take a risk on me.   I think that is a healthy relationship, one that could result in great things.