Shipping up to Maine.

by agoodnow


1. Ok, this was a wild weekend. 

2. I need to go to Maine.  Not only to see my family, but to escape that craziness that is my life right now. For some reason being an unemployed writer lends itself toward some very late, very interesting nights.

3. My fantasy baseball team is more like a nightmare.

4. Fantasy football cannot come soon enough.

5. I looked at buying a beach bar down in the Caribbean.  You can get a place (without the property) for around $150k.  Who is coming with me?  No really?  How cool would that be?

6. Why is America’s Funniest Home Videos still on the air?  It is called YouTube.  Go to it.  Laugh at funny videos. 

7. I plan on playing some golf this weekend.  Can’t wait. 

8. Ok, a bunch of people have been asking to read my book.  So I think I’m going to post the first ten pages here on the blog.  Just easier that way.

9.  I woke up to  power washing yesterday morning.  Do you know how terrible that is at 8 am on a Sunday? 


I’m excited to go up to Maine this weekend.  Always good to see family.  Eat good food.  Drink good beer.  Play terrible golf. 

Plus, Maine is perfect this time of year.  Warm days and cool nights.  I can get down with that.