I am a Bad Republican

I’m a Republican.  Yes, this is true.  I believe a few things –

1. Responsible spending (For example: if you are going to fight two wars you should budget for them)

2. Personal choice – If you want  to own a gun, own a gun.  If a woman makes a decision to do something with her body, that is her choice.  Not for me to decide. Not for a judge to decide.  Not for elected officials to decide.

3. Taxes – They should be low.  We should have a flat tax in this country.  The tax code is grossly unfair to the lower class.  

4. American being the single greatest country in the world.  Try this on.  When Obama was elected America’s credibility around the world went through the roof.  That scares me.

5. Security of the country.  Listen kids, we can no longer afford (I mean afford in its literal sense) to be the world’s police.  We are borrowing money from the Chinese to be in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Not that we shouldn’t have a small presence in the Middle East, but our military is better off doing things like protecting our ports, borders, and transportation systems.

6. Religion – Keep it out of my politics.  Thanks.  Believe anything you want.  That’s great.  I have zero interest in telling a person what they can or cannot do.  But don’t force religious doctrine into secular law.

7. Energy – We need to find a way to stop importing oil from Arab nations.  Come on.  Somebody has got to figure this out.  Get the oil companies out of the equation.  I think the American government should get into the energy business.  We need to make an investment in energy.  It would be an enormous industry.

8. The environment – The “Drill Baby, Drill!” thing got pretty quiet after that little BP oil spill.  I’m interested to see how that plays out in the debates.


Ok, that’s my deal as a Republican.  I don’t think there is one candidate for 2012 who I like.  This Perry guy scares me (maybe I’m adverse toward Governor’s from Texas), don’t get me started on Palin (I firmly believe you need to be intelligent to be the President of the United States of America – she thinks dinosaurs were on the earth 3,000 years ago.  You want to give her the keys to the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world?), Romney is probably the best bet (which is room for concern), isn’t some pizza guy running…. , Bachman (oh dear Lord if she gets elected I think Americans deserve whatever we get), and a bunch of clowns.

I hate to say it, but as of right now…I’d vote for Obama. (again)