by agoodnow

Yesterday I asked for some music recommendations. Glad I did. My cousin Amber’s husband is a rapper.  To be very honest, I never thought much of it.  I figured he fucked around with his buddies on the weekends and recorded some lyrics in somebody’s basement. 


Shit is good.  Like really fucking good. You know how when something surprises you to a point that you are pissed at yourself for not having paid more attention.  Yep, I’m there. 

Take a look for yourself:

It is intelligent, fast paced, and (most important) I found it easy to connect with.  If you like it go get some on iTunes. 

A few lessons here:

1. Don’t underestimate people.

2. Give new things a chance.

3. Allow yourself to be surprised.

4. $9.99 is a very small price to pay to discover a great artist (the worst part here is that he is FAMILY and I hadn’t bought the album yet.  What kind of jerk am I?)

5. Who would have thought the rap scene in Portland, ME would produce something this good?  I firmly believe if this kid were in NYC he would have a record deal.


So there you go, check out the link I posted above and take a listen.  I am nearly certain if you are reading this you will like it.